“ Alison is an inspiration and a brilliant coach. She really gets people to hold up a mirror to their different behavioural traits and the impact they might be having on managing talent. Hugely beneficial. ”

Jo Carr, Managing Partner

I’m Alison and I help people grow.

I coach leaders, managers and teams so that they and their organisations can thrive, adapt and succeed.Alison

Alison Chadwick

Alison Chadwick

“ Alison’s coaching style is very sympathetic to the needs of a creative business. She understands the dynamic and diverse personalities found in them, and uses this understanding to impart wisdom in a subtle but highly effective way. ”

Phil Rumbol, Founder Partner
101 London

who I am

With more than fifteen years’ experience coaching senior executives, I’ve been lucky enough to help grow many great people in many great companies, particularly but not exclusively in the creative and media industry.

Before becoming a coach I worked at Board level in advertising client service at UK no 1 agency AMV BBDO.

As a coach and trainer I’ve grown my expertise over many years of varied experience: in consultancy with Rogen International, in-house with BBDO (the world’s most awarded creative agency network), whose global leadership development programme I led for four years, and independently.

I have a 1st class MSc in Executive Coaching, Ashridge Accreditation (EMCC recognised), NLP, MBTI and FIRO-B qualifications, and a degree from Oxford.

All of which matters only because it helps me do what I love: grow people.

“ Working with Alison has impacted my practice as a creative leader enormously. Her counsel, guidance and challenges have rewired my thought processes in critical areas, enabling me to perform at a superior level. ”

John Gagné, Executive Creative Director
Beeby Clark + Meyler, New York

“ Alison's coaching and training programmes are outstanding. The best we run. Thought-provoking, challenging, inspiring and practical, they have a considerable impact on the performance of our talent. ”

Richard Arscott, MD
AMV BBDO, London

what I do

Clients work with me to manage themselves, their business relationships, their teams and their organisations better. From self-management skills to sophisticated leadership practices, I work across many challenges but have four particular areas I specialise in:


Senior people work with me to grow into skilful, emotionally intelligent leaders who people want to follow. I specialise in coaching those transitioning up into senior management roles, and particularly love helping creative leaders thrive.


Great managers are performance enablers, but great management takes understanding, awareness and skill. I’ve worked with hundreds of great people to help them grow into managers who build happy, high-performing teams.


I love the challenge of working with teams, helping them thrive together. I work particularly with leadership teams, coaching them to operate cohesively, collaboratively and creatively together for better, faster results.


Persuading without ‘selling’ is a daily challenge for many of my clients. From being persuasive around their ideas to turning conflict into healthy debate, clients work with me to grow their sophistication and impact as influencers.

“ Alison has made a huge difference to me. She is brilliant at helping you to find your own direction and tap into your well of enthusiasm for what you do - her ability to listen, challenge and guide has been
invaluable. ”

Sara Cremer, CEO
Redwood, London

“ Simply put, Alison’s training has been a game-changer for our business. Her approach has ensured participation and commitment from all attendees – with instantly evident results. ”

Nicky Morgan, Group Talent Director

how I do it

I build relationships of trust and empathy with my clients, creating a strong working alliance. I then draw on my experience and a range of insights, skills and tools to help them grow.

Every client is unique so my approach is always bespoke. To every client though I aim to bring intuition and rigour, warmth and strength, and flexibility with a focus on outcomes. Typically the work happens through...

executive coaching

I typically coach senior people whose performance is central to their organisation’s success: a recently promoted leader, or a creative star growing into leadership, for example. Through coaching my clients make significant, sustainable shifts in confidence and capability.


I approach training as a coach, so learning is bespoke, experiential, profound and lasting. I specialise in training leaders and managers (particularly in creative organisations) to grow into their responsibilities with self-awareness and sophistication.

team coaching

I bring my passion for teamwork and deep experience as a team coach to create team development programmes that enable real conversations, relevant insights, robust thinking, and real results. No raft-building though I’m afraid.

growpeople associate coaches

growpeople isn’t just about me now. I am lucky to work with two great associate coaches, whose depth of experience, coaching talent and shared passion for growing talent brings greater breadth and value to our clients.

Fiona Bioletti     Rebecca Walker

“ Alison is, well, the Einstein of emotional intelligence. I benefit pretty much every day from what I have
learned with her. ”

Peter Souter, Chairman & Chief Creative Officer
TBWA London


If you’d like to contact me about how I could help you or your people grow, please get in touch.

+44 7989 302306