A bit more about what I do

Clients work with me to lead themselves, their teams and their organisations better. I work across many challenges but have four areas I specialise in: growing leaders, growing managers, growing teams, and growing influence.


A bit more about how I do it

I create bespoke coaching programmes that will enable the growth and results my clients are looking for.  My work happens through 1:1 and team coaching, skills development programmes for groups, and also webinars and talks. 

I am based in the UK but work globally.

A bit more about my credentials

I’ve been a coach for almost 20 years (after spending 10 years in advertising). I’ve coached in consultancy, in-house and independently with my practice grow people. I’m Accredited, with an MSc (Distinction) in Executive Coaching, and Systemic Team Coach Certification, among other qualifications a bit dull to list but valuable to have.


A bit more about grow people

I named my business to reflect my purpose: to help people grow and thrive at work and help organisations grow and thrive through their people. I have a few trusted, experienced Associate Coaches who work with talent and skill across some assignments to grow people with me.